Building the world’s finest pools – for over 50 years!

Thinking of building a pool? Your most important decision is selecting the right builder. The challenge is finding one who is creative in design as well as experienced in the latest technology and build techniques. The Master Pools Guild simplifies your search with members around the world – craftsmen who are dedicated to building the world’s finest pools. In the past fifty years tens of thousands of homeowners have created family memories in pools built by Master Pools Builders. They taught their children to swim in them and their children taught their children. All have experienced the incredible lifestyle magic pools have brought to their home environment and families.

Master Pools Guild has over 110 members today – 90 across the United States and the balance around the world. It is more than an association of craftsmen, it is a fellowship of friends where business ideas are shared among confidants. Two educational meetings are held each year devoted to keeping abreast of the latest technical and business practices. If any member has a design or technical challenge, the other members are there as consultants. In addition to direct consultation an Inquiries Systems allows members to request overnight input from all members on how best to meet any technical or creative challenges they encounter. Members are “here to share” in their common commitment to building the world’s finest pools.

Commercial pools are an important segment of many members’ business. Review the photo gallery to see award winning commercial work that spans the range from indoor and outdoor institutional pools to theme parks and resort pools.

Celebrating our 50th Year

The Master Pools Guild was formed in 1962 by a small group of quality independent pool builders – craftsmen who realized the potential of sharing ideas and pooling their buying power. The marketplace then was evolving quickly with the travelling public demanding bigger and more complex designs than ever before. They wanted ideas they experienced on resort pools while on holidays. Pool equipment and construction techniques were also evolving quickly to keep up with the marketplace trends. The challenge for builders was determining if the new equipment technology would perform as promised and ensuring that engineering of the new special features would perform as conceived.

The Guild provided these builders over the years with both a feedback system on new equipment performance as well as a pooling of expertise to address how to best design the engineering of these new features. The first slogan for the Master Pools Guild was “We come to share.” That sentiment still persists. For more on the history of the Master Pools Guild, read this article as reported in Pool & Spa News magazine Issue: January 13, 2012 – History of the Master Pools Guild (PDF)

Our Vision

The Master Pools Guild will continue to grow as the preeminent network of the finest pool builders in the world by…

  • Providing a forum for members to share building techniques, technology and creative design ideas in their continuous pursuit of building the world’s finest pools
  • Embracing a common Code of Ethics relating to integrity, good business practice and respect for the rights of clients, employees and suppliers
  • Developing a global network that clients can trust for quality and value from every member worldwide

Code of Ethics

The members of the Master Pools Organization are dedicated to the following principles and policies.