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2022 Business Summit
Posted 6th April 2022

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2022 Business Summit

Sponsored by POOLCORP.

Master Pools Guild – Business Summit – August 5-6, 2022.

Grand Hyatt DFW Airport

2021 was a year of reactive solutions to new challenges often with efforts lacking a strategic & long-term focus.  Our labor market is more complex than ever, our teams are facing challenges that lead to burnout and exhaustion.  Join us for the 2022 Business Summit where we will provide you with tools to manage your teams, find and retain new talent and protect your organization from burnout in 2022. 

Day 1: – Friday, Aug 5th  – 8AM – 5PM:

 Advancing Your Leadership Development with Facilitator: Mickey Lord, SPHR®.

Join Mickey Lord, POOLCORP’s Director of Talent Management, for a fast-paced, jam-packed session focused on developing your skills as a manager and leader.  With more than 25 years of corporate management development experience, Mickey will facilitate this custom designed, hands-on learning experience on advanced leadership skills.  Topics covered include:

  • Benefits of Working for a Small Business
  • Clarifying Your Goals to Set Employee Expectations
  • Daily Basic Management Techniques
  • Legal Ramifications of People Management
  • Building and Leading a High Performing Team

Effective leadership starts with self-awareness.  A session highlight will include a personal deep dive into your leadership communication style.  Participants will be asked to complete an online assessment approximately 30 days in advance of the conference.  Your personal assessment report will be delivered via email just prior to the conference.  At the session, you will learn how to recognize others’ styles and adjust accordingly…a key skill in increasing engagement with employees and customers.

Participants will leave the session with a new assortment of cutting-edge leadership insights, skills and tools for building and leading a winning team.

Day 2: Saturday, 9AM – Noon:

Managing H.R. Challenges in 2022 with Facilitator: Luther Willems, VP of HR POOLCORP.

  • How to attract & retain employees in a post Covid environment.
  • R. challenges post Covid
  • Identifying key areas of risk in your organization.

Saturday, 1PM – 5PM: Beating Burnout with Facilitator: Paula Davis, Founder & CEO of the Stress & Resilience Institute®.

Over the past two years the pool and spa industry has experienced unprecedented demand.  Workplace change and complexity means busy professionals and teams are experiencing high levels of stress and burnout.  Chronic stress impacts performance and is linked to higher rates of errors, safety issues and interferes with innovation, leadership development and effective teams.  But there is help! Paula Davis is working with companies and organizations (including the military) around the world to identify and address burnout and increase the well-being and stress resilience of their teams, leaders and cultures.

Organizations are composed of interconnected systems that must continue to evolve in order to meet the breadth of existing challenges, including high growth and demand. Resilience helps your teams activate agility, flexibility, effective collaboration, and the innovation required to quickly adapt to stress, help motivate busy teams, and prevent burnout.

In this program you will learn:

  • The framework for how to build resilient teams and rate how your team is doing with the Resilient Teams Inventory.
  • How to create an environment of trust and psychological safety on your teams with specific strategies and behaviors to operationalize.
  • How to recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout, along with the core job demands that drive burnout and the core job resources that mitigate it.
  • Specific strategies to keep you and your teams motivated.

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