Why become a Master Pools Guild Member
Why become a Master Pools Guild Member

The key benefits to being a member of the Guild

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Why become an MPG member
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“I am not sure how you could possibly meet anyone more professional than this company and all of their people have been stellar.”

Review for MPG from member Barrington Pools

Why become a Master Pools Guild Member

Since 1962, the Guild has brought together elite pool builders into one global family. There are many benefits of being an MPG member, which include:

  • Provide Leads
    The Guild sets the benchmark for quality, creativity and innovation in pool building. Being able to say that you have MPG membership will give you access to a large chunk of the market that may have previously been difficult to attain.
  • Area-Exclusive
    We operate an area-exclusive system, which means that no other Guild member will compete in your area.
  • Collaboration
    We’re more than a network of associates – we’re a family of collaborators who share knowledge and expertise to help each other grow as businesses and as craftspeople. Part of this includes regular educational meetings to discuss the latest industrial news. We also have an Inquiries System to facilitate consultation between members on any technical challenges that are facing members.
  • Learning Opportunities
    Educating yourself on developing industry trends, techniques, and news will be easy as a member of the Guild. This valuable information is readily shared between members at our two yearly meetings as well as numerous sponsored educational programs throughout the year.
  • Elite
    The Master Pools Guild is recognized throughout the world as a hallmark of quality. Membership to this exclusive guild will be a sign to customers that you’re part of an elite group of pool builders.

To find out more about MPG member benefits and what it could mean for your company, simply get in touch or continue browsing our site.

Worldwide network of over 100 pool builders Bringing together a global group of elite pool design and construction companies.
Building the world’s finest pools for over 60 years Six decades of custom pool building, innovation, and many satisfied customers.
All our members are experienced master pool builders Each member is individually selected based on their skills and craftsmanship.
About MPG

The Master Pools Guild began life in 1962, launched by a small but passionate group of independent pool builders. They recognized the market was moving fast, demanding bigger and more complex designs. Also, technologies were developing quickly and reaching new heights…

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Our Vision

We’re creating a global network of pool builders and designers that customers worldwide can trust for quality, expertise and innovation. This comes from a dedication to building pools and outdoor living spaces of the very highest quality…

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Master Pools Guild Membership
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Master Pools Guild Membership

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