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6 Pool Trends for 2024
Calendar icon Posted 13th December 2023

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6 Pool Trends for 2024

As we step into 2024, the pool industry is embracing innovative trends that redefine luxury, functionality, and style. 

As a global network of over 100 elite pool builders, the Master Pools Guild is at the forefront of these advancements, bringing together unmatched expertise and cutting-edge pool technologies. This article dives into six exciting pool trends for 2024, showcasing our members’ commitment to excellence in pool design and construction.

Acrylic Pool Edge/Wall Designs

Acrylic pool walls and edges are revolutionizing pool design. These transparent structures offer a sleek, modern look, making them perfect for vanishing edges and ‘bridge’ pools. They allow for innovative shapes and designs that were previously difficult to achieve with traditional materials.

Watermania - invisible edge acrylic pool

Image Credit: Watermania 

Acrylic panels, in particular, provide uninterrupted views, adding a touch of elegance to any poolscape. For a deeper dive into these innovative designs, check out Natare’s acrylic pools here.

Single-Depth Pools

Single-depth pools have become more popular than ever. With a uniform depth, these pools are ideal for social gatherings, allowing guests to enjoy the water comfortably and safely. They are also perfect for swimming and exercising, although not suitable for diving.

ashton pools

Image Credit: Ashton Pools by Design


Colored Pool Tile Designs

Bold and vibrant pool tile designs are making waves. Homeowners are opting for tiles with dynamic colors and patterns that transform the bottom of their pool into a visual display.

The adoption of colored pool tiles reflects a broader trend in pool design — the desire for personalization and uniqueness. Each pool becomes a reflection of the owner’s tastes and style, making it a central feature of their property.


Project Image: Watermania – 2023 Master Pools Guild Tiffany Award for Outstanding Design Element

Image Credit: Watermania 

Pool Cooling

Pool cooling systems are emerging as a popular solution for maintaining comfortable water temperatures, especially in warmer climates. This technology allows pool owners to enjoy their pools all year -round, keeping the water cool and refreshing even during the hottest days.

Learn more about pool cooling systems from Fluidra, an MPG partner, here.

Cocktail Pools with Swim Jets

Cocktail pools, enhanced with swim jets, are ideal for compact spaces. These pools offer the luxury of swimming in place, ideal for relaxing or enjoying an in-water exercise. A brilliant example is the Burleson Master Pools project, which elegantly incorporates this trend.

Burleston master pools

Image Credit: Burleson Master Pools

Research more on swim jets from Falcon Pools, an MPG member, here.

Modernize Your Pool with Pool Features

Upgrading your pool with various features like fire bowls, waterfalls, and slides can turn your backyard into an oasis of fun and beauty. This trend is particularly effective in smaller pools, where these features create a striking impact.

Allison landscape & pool company

Project Image: Allison Landscape & Pool Company, 2023 Silver Excellence Award Winner in the Designed to Entertain category

Image Credit: Allison Landscape & Pool Company.


With our rich history and commitment to excellence, MPG continues to set the standard in the pool industry. Whether you seek a dream backyard pool or a custom-built leisure space, our members will bring innovation and imagination to pools in the year to come.

Find your local MPG member today.


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