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How to Choose the Best Pool Tiles for Your Pool
Calendar icon Posted 3rd April 2024

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How to Choose the Best Pool Tiles for Your Pool

Choosing the right tiles for your pool can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your pool. But with so many different options available, we understand that selecting the right ones might seem daunting. 

In this article, we make things easier by guiding you through the process. Before long, your pool will look and feel just the way you want it to.

Which part of the pool should you tile?

  • Waterline tiling

Waterline pool tiles run along the perimeter of your pool at the water’s surface. These tiles are beneficial because they help seal the pool shell, prevent scum lines from forming, and add a decorative touch that enhances the overall look of your pool. 

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  • Underwater tiling

Underwater tiles cover the entirety of the pool’s bottom and sides. This option not only provides a protective layer for the pool shell but also offers endless opportunities for creative expression. Choose from a range of colors, patterns, and textures to make your pool your own. 

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Waves Trading & Contracting W.L.L.

It’s possible to have both underwater and waterline tiles, ideal for a cohesive look.

What qualities do you want your tiles to have?

  • Anti-slip tiles

For areas like the pool surround or deck, non-slip pool tiles are crucial for safety. These tiles reduce the risk of accidents in wet conditions, making your pool area safer for everyone.

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  • Durability and resistance

Pools are exposed to various weather conditions and chemicals. Choosing durable and resistant tiles means less frequent replacement, making it more cost effective in the long run. Materials like porcelain and glass are known for their resilience and longevity.

  • Tile colors

The color of your pool tiles can significantly affect the pool’s overall appearance. Darker tiles can create a deep, oceanic effect, while lighter shades like white can make the pool area appear more spacious. Blue pool tiles and turquoise swimming pool tiles are popular for their calming and clear water effect.

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Beyond aesthetic appeal, the color of your tiles can influence the pool’s temperature and maintenance needs. Dark tiles absorb more heat, which can warm the pool water, while light tiles reflect sunlight, keeping the water cooler.

What materials should I use?

The great thing about building a pool is that you have a choice of tile materials. Here are four popular options to help you find your perfect match.

  • Ceramic pool tiles

Ceramic pool tiles are one of the most popular options for pools. They can be customized in various colors and patterns to make your pool truly one of a kind.

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  • Porcelain pool tiles

Porcelain tiles offer various benefits including durability, color retention, and non-slip surfaces, though they can be more brittle when cut to shape.

Regal Pool
Regal Pool
  • Stone pool tiles

Stone tiles provide longevity and are not affected by sunlight, ideal for a classical Mediterranean look. However, their porous nature makes them less suitable for inside the pool. 

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Aqua Blue Pools of Charleston
  • Glass pool tiles

Glass tiles offer a broad color range and are resistant to extreme temperatures. They’re easy to clean and perfect for creating an iridescent effect, though they are among the more expensive options.

glass pool tiles


What size and shape should I use for my pool?

The size and shape of your tiles can influence the pool’s design flexibility. Smaller tiles are better for detailed patterns or curved surfaces, while larger tiles offer a sleek, modern look with fewer grout lines.

Choosing the right pool tiles involves considering their location, desired qualities, aesthetics, and material. By focusing on these aspects, you can select tiles that enhance your pool’s beauty while ensuring safety and durability. Whether you’re drawn to modern pool tiles or classic designs, taking the time to explore your options will lead to a more satisfying outcome.

How much should my pool tiles cost?

When selecting pool tiles, balancing quality and cost is key. It’s tempting to opt for the least expensive option, but investing in higher quality tiles can save money in the long run due to their durability and longevity. Modern pool tiles come in a range of prices, offering something for every budget. Prioritize tiles that offer the best combination of aesthetics, durability, and price to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting pool without breaking the bank.

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Choosing an MPG certified pool builder ensures your pool is not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound. Master Pools Guild members are renowned for their expertise, innovation, and commitment to quality. They can provide valuable advice on selecting pool tiles, considering your specific need.

By choosing an MPG certified builder, you’re choosing a professional who is backed by a global network of the world’s finest pool builders, ensuring your pool is a masterpiece of design and construction.

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