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How to Plan for a Pool Upgrade
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How to Plan for a Pool Upgrade

Upgrading your pool can completely transform the look, feel and experience. There are so many new and exciting refurbishment options these days, many of which will not have existed when your pool was first built. An upgrade will bring your pool into the modern world and add a new level of luxury.

There are so many great reasons to consider an upgrade to your pool. In this article, we provide some inspiration for your next pool upgrade, discuss the benefits of upgrading your pool, and offer advice on how to prepare for the project.

Are you thinking about upgrading your pool this year? Well then dive into this article…

Pool upgrade ideas

Long gone are the days of generic rectangular pools that stand alone in your backyard. Pool construction has evolved to include stunning surrounds and features that transform a simple pool into a resort-style outdoor living area. 

Here are just a few great ideas to modernize your pool:

  • Create a geometric pool shape

Pool refurbishments have become so advanced that you can now alter the shape of your pool. Geometric pools have become one of the most popular modern pool styles, with striking edges and unusual shapes that catch the eye. The best part is that geometric pools can be constructed from traditional pool designs. Transform your rectangular pool into a luxury L-shape, expand your rounded pool into a stunning octagon, or extend your circular pool into a stylish oval.

  • Add water features

Adding water features can completely transform the look and feel of your pool without altering the actual structure. Many of these features, such as waterfalls or a cascading water fountain, add a natural touch to your pool. Other features you could add include water walls, water sconces, and deck jets. You might even wish to combine multiple elements or complement a feature with LED lighting. The options are endless. All you need to do is let your pool builder know your preferences and they’ll take care of the rest.

  • Add a fire feature

Upgrade the area around your pool to create a resort-like living area. Fire features are one of the most popular ways to transform your pool area into more than just a pool area. The glow of the fire provides a striking effect that keeps guests warm and relaxed. Guests can continue to enjoy the outdoor entertainment even when the cooler weather arrives.

How to prepare for your new pool addition

Your master pool builder will take care of the upgrade for you — but there are some ways you can prepare your pool to make their job easier.

  • Clear the area of foliage and debris

Clear up anything that might become an obstacle to your pool builder. You’ll want to make sure that they have easy access to the pool and the surrounding area. You might also need to move furniture or toys elsewhere in the backyard so that the pool builder can work efficiently and safely.

  • Check permissions

A pool upgrade may require additional building permits even if you received one for your existing installation. While this is usually unlikely, and something that your pool builder will organize, it’s important to check whether you need permission before the upgrade goes ahead. Occasionally, there may be a permitting delay for a variety of reasons outside your pool builder’s control, and a little patience might be needed during this time.

  • Provide clear access to the property

Pool upgrades typically require a lot of specialist equipment that will need to be brought in and out of the property with ease. Make sure the pool builder has easy, continual access into the property and that this route is never obstructed. 

Why upgrade your pool?

So we’ve spoken about how to upgrade your pool. We’ve spoken about what upgrades to make. The big question now is — why upgrade?

Pool owners will upgrade their pool for different reasons. While some might do it for the aesthetic benefits, others might do it out of safety concerns. The great thing about upgrading your pool is that it provides so many great benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Enhances aesthetics

Okay, we’ve been over this, but it’s worth mentioning again. A pool upgrade can turn a bland old pool into a luxury paradise. There are so many great ways to improve the look of your pool and the area surrounding it, whether that be with water features or a modern geometric shape. Whatever you choose, an upgraded pool will add a touch of modern luxury to your property for many years to come.

  • Improves accessibility and safety

If you’ve got some young kids or perhaps an elderly relative staying with you, upgrading your pool can make the pool more accessible and safe. You can install steps or a ladder for easy access into the pool. Or, for peace of mind, add an alarm system that will alert you to unsupervised children or pets getting into the pool.

  • Brings your family closer together

One of the great advantages of creating an outdoor living area is that it provides a space for the family to relax and socialize. Whereas a standalone pool may be great for swimming together, an upgraded pool area will extend the fun once the swimming is done. Add a fire feature, BBQ, spa, outdoor kitchen & pool automation as well as new energy saving upgrades, for outdoor entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

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