MPG's 60th Anniversary
MPG is Celebrating its 60th Anniversary
Calendar icon Posted 28th September 2022

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MPG is Celebrating its 60th Anniversary

The Master Pools Guild will be celebrating its 60th anniversary during the October meet (19th-22nd) in Phoenix, Arizona. Having launched in 1962 as a small but passionate group of independent pool builders, we’ve since evolved into a prestigious network of the most talented pool builders across the globe. 

Join us as we reflect on the rich history of the Master Pools Guild and the journey it has taken to become America’s number one pool building resource.




The brand through the years

From 1962 to 2019, the Master Pools Guild has rebranded six times to reflect the rapidly evolving nature of the organization. Here you can take a look at the six logos that once represented the Guild.

Comprising a brand, logo, colors, messages and content, the latest branding iteration has been developed to tell the story of the Master Pools Guild in a stronger and more relevant way for today’s market. It reflects the growth and evolution that brought the Guild into the modern day while keeping many of the same concepts that lay at the core of its identity.

A fresh website

In 2021, we launched a revamped website to complement the new branding and modern feel of the organization. In addition to being sleek and full of stunning imagery, the website made finding or becoming an MPG member easier than ever before. At the touch of a button, users can find information about the Master Pools Guild selection process or search for their local MPG member.

The website also pays homage to our past by showcasing a variety of successful projects completed by MPG members. You’ll also find reviews and testimonials from many of the customers we’ve worked with over the years.

Proudly supporting organizations

As the Master Pools Guild became a global group, we felt it was important to help causes around the world. The two main projects we support are:

A 10-year initiative to teach 1 million new swimmers this essential life skill, and in the process, encouraging healthier and more active lifestyles.

An organization bringing access to clean water in African communities who lack it.

The vision and the future

The Master Pools Guild vision drives everything we do.

The vision as it stands today:

  • Create a global network of pool builders and designers that customers worldwide can trust for quality, expertise and innovation.
  • Embrace a common code of ethics which ensures all Guild members maintain integrity, good business practice and respect the rights of our clients, employees and suppliers at all times.
  • Bring together the most talented names in outdoor living, design, and pool building, to create a forum where members can support each other and share techniques, design ideas, and technological advancement.

The Master Pools Guild may be approaching its 60 year anniversary, but it’s just getting started. We intend to continue expanding the organization so that it can bring its vision to even more countries around the world.

8 countries. 

100+ members.

1,000,000+ pools designed and built. 

All in 60 years. Here’s to 60 more.

Read more about our brand history, browse our members and find out more about MPG on our website.



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