Swimming Tips for Unconfident Swimmers – Infographic
Swimming Tips for Unconfident Swimmers - infographic Calendar icon Posted 18th July 2023

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Swimming Tips for Unconfident Swimmers - infographic

Swimming might seem a little overwhelming at first, but with the right tips and guidance, you’ll be enjoying the pool in no time. In this article, we discuss the importance of swimming, the process of learning, and provide handy tips to help you on your swimming journey.




Why is it important to know how to swim?

Knowing how to swim is more than just a ticket to fun in the water. It’s a lifesaving skill that can also help develop your strength, endurance, and overall fitness. So whether it’s a child attending their first swim class or an adult learning swimming later in life, everyone can benefit from learning to swim.

How long does it take to learn how to swim?

Swimming is not a one-size-fits-all activity. The time it takes to learn varies from person to person. But don’t worry, with consistent practice and a positive mindset, you’ll soon be swimming with confidence.

Our tips for how to get better at swimming

Swimming, like any other skill, is all about practice and patience. Here are our top tips for swimming your way to confidence:

  • Get Comfortable

The first step is just to get comfortable with the feeling of being in the water. Start in the shallow end where your feet can touch the ground. Walk around, splash some water on your face, and gradually submerge yourself until you’re waist deep. As your confidence grows, venture deeper.

  • Master the Art of Floating

Learning to float may be a basic skill but it will help you to relax in the water. Start with taking a breath and gently lean back. Raise your hips so that your body is parallel with the surface of the water. Try to keep as still as possible and exhale slowly to maintain your float.

  • Kick Those Legs

Swimming involves a lot of leg work. Practice your kicks to help propel yourself forward. Start by holding onto the side of the pool, and positioning your hips upwards to keep your body parallel to the pool floor. Then, with your face above the water, kick your legs to propel yourself forwards.

  • Work on Your Breathing

One of the trickiest parts of swimming can be getting your breathing right. Practice your technique both in and out of the water. Take a deep breath, submerge your face, and exhale slowly through your nose. As you lift your head above the surface, take a quick deep breath and repeat.

The Step Into Swim initiative

Swimming is for everyone, and that’s where the Step Into Swim initiative comes in. Since 2012, Step Into Swim has been creating waves by providing free swimming lessons to underserved communities. They’ve helped over 300,000 children across the country, sparking confidence and a love for swimming.

Swimming is fun, great for your health, and it might just save your life. So why not take the plunge? 

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