Top 5 Modern Pool Water Features
Top 5 Modern Pool Water Features
Calendar icon Posted 21st June 2023

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Top 5 Modern Pool Water Features

Swimming pools may feel like the epitome of luxury, but adding the right water features can elevate their charm to a whole new level.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 modern pool water features that are making waves in contemporary pool design.

Why Water Features Can Make a Great Addition to Your Pool

Adding water features to your pool can not only enhance its visual appeal but also create a more immersive experience. The sound of flowing water, for example, can be therapeutic and calming, adding to the overall enjoyment of your pool. Plus, water features can be customized to fit your specific preferences and design.

Our Top 5 Modern Pool Water Features

  • Bubblers

Also known as gushers or foam jets, bubblers are a trendy choice for shallow areas of the pool. They shoot streams of water upwards, creating a fun, bubbling effect that is not only visually appealing but also enjoyable to play in. Bubblers can also be fitted with LED lights for a stunning night-time display.

pool bubblers

  • Waterfalls

Waterfalls add a natural element to your pool, mimicking a mini resort-like setting right in your backyard. Whether it’s a sheet waterfall for a modern look or a rock waterfall for a rustic vibe, the tranquil sound of cascading water can make your pool area feel like a relaxing retreat.

pool waterfall

  • Rain Curtains

Rain curtains deliver a curtain of water that falls from a height into the pool, creating a stunning visual and acoustic effect. They are often installed from an overhang or a beam and can be illuminated for a more dramatic impact.

pool rain curtain

  • Pool Water Bowls

Water bowls are a sophisticated water feature that can be crafted from various materials like concrete, stone, or metal to match your pool deck. They spill water into your pool in a sheet-like flow, adding an eye-catching feature to your pool.

pool water bowls

  • Pool Scuppers

Scuppers are openings in the pool wall that allow water to flow out, creating a soothing waterfall effect. They are available in various styles and can be lit from underneath to create a stunning visual impact at night.

pool scupper

Want to Add a Water Feature to Your Pool? Find a Luxury Pool Builder Today

If you’re considering adding a water feature to your pool, it’s important to consult with a professional who understands your vision and can guide you on the best choices. At the Master Pools Guild, we have a network of luxury pool builders who are experts in crafting bespoke poolscapes with stunning water features.

Find your local Master Pools Guild member today to explore the potential of your swimming pool.



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