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Why are we rebranding?

Why are we rebranding?

Following our brand through the years

Why are we rebranding? image Posted 8th October 2019

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Why Are We Rebranding?

Here at Master Pools Guild, we are an elite network of the finest pool builders across the globe and our brand is, in many ways, a mark of quality and innovation. The companies in our network are like family, and all contribute to our success and to our culture of collaboration. Thanks to this approach, we have enjoyed a reputation as a trusted, go-to guild on a global level who push for the very highest standards of integrity.

So, why rebrand? Simply put, we feel there’s more to do and more to say. Our brand, logo, colors, messages, and content, can all tell the MPG story in a stronger, more unified and more relevant way for today’s market than what we are currently conveying. Founded in 1962, we want our new brand to reflect the growth and evolution that has brought us into the modern day.

Why change now?

  • To freshen up our logo and brand identity, and bring it up to date for a modern, global market. This would also help express our position as being at the forefront of technology and trends, and cement our role as industry leaders
  • To re-energize the brand and make our members proud to be part of MPG, as the new logo will be on all of our members’ sites
  • To create a core brand that is tailored to, and conveys the message and ideals of, MPG and its members
  • To achieve consistency of straplines, logos and other brand elements, which currently are rather varied. Adopting a new logo and strapline will present a more unified front that displays our clear values
  • To bring MPG inline with new marketing methods (e.g. social media)

What changes would we like to make?

  • A new icon/logo
    From a brand awareness perspective, we want to create a logo that is more memorable and striking than our current one; this will not only be impactful for customers, but our members can also enjoy the new-look logo. Also, social media is a big part of how we communicate with our members and their customers, which is why it’s important to have a striking icon that immediately translates well across all social and marketing platforms.
  • A new color scheme
    Understandably, the pool market is awash with blue color schemes. To stand out from the crowd and competition, MPG would like to introduce pops of color that are distinct but still resonate with outdoor living.
  • A new font
    Introducing a clean, modern font will add a timeless feel to the brand.
  • Brand guidelines
    To ensure consistency in our language, tone of voice, brand and other aspects, we propose to create brand guidelines that outline exactly what we want to express with each element of the branding. Consistency will also be vital to build that level of trust, professionalism and reassurance between us, our members and their customers.
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