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Paradise Pools and Spas Inc.
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Master Pools Guild Membership New Pools

Master Pools Guild members are renowned for their expertise in swimming pool construction. Our builders bring years of experience, ensuring every pool is crafted to the highest standards. From family pools to luxurious commercial installations, our members can handle projects of any scale.

Master Pools Guild Membership Pool Maintenance

Long-term enjoyment of your pool requires expert maintenance. MPG members offer comprehensive pool maintenance services, ensuring your pool remains in pristine condition. From regular cleaning to system checks, our experts handle it all with precision and care.

Master Pools Guild Membership Pool Renovations

Transform your existing pool with our remodeling and renovation services. Whether it’s updating the aesthetics, improving functionality, or adding modern features, our members have the skills to rejuvenate your pool and extend its lifespan.

Paradise Pools and Spas Inc.

Earl and Lisa Hardouin, owners of Paradise Pools and Spas of Metairie, believe in creating your ultimate dream pool.

Members of the Elite Master Pools Guild, Paradise Pools and Spas of Metairie is an award winning swimming pool builder/designer whose belief is there is nothing more magical and captivating than the sounds and sensations of water. Whether it is a day spent playing with family and friends, time unwinding after work or time spent just the two of you. Paradise Pools and Spas can build their version of Paradise not only into your own backyard but into your life.

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    Worldwide network of over 100 pool builders Bringing together a global group of elite pool design and construction companies.
    Building the world’s finest pools for over 60 years Six decades of custom pool building, innovation, and many satisfied customers.
    All our members are experienced master pool builders Each member is individually selected based on their skills and craftsmanship.

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